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San Jose Answering Services
San Jose Answering Service

San Francisco Call Center ServicesAre you looking for local San Jose call answering services or over the phone order taking? Direct Line Inc is located right here in the San Jose Bay Area, employing local on-site call center operators who speak clear English. If First impressions are important to you and your San Jose company, consider using our award winning, Bay Area call answering services that's been in business, serving San Jose sence 1979.

Call Center Services for Doctors, Medical Offices, Physician, Attorneys, Government Agencies, Service Industries and more

Most industries have similar basic needs for handling a call. But each individual industry may have certain telephone answering  needs that are specific to that industry. Direct Line has created procedures and systems to maximize our level of service to each industry.

How does Direct Line’s call processing system work?

  1. Answer your incoming call, or respond to an inbound e-mail Quickly -Professionally - Pleasantly -  Within 3 Rings - We never put a caller on hold in the middle of a call.
  2. Process incoming information accurately, quickly, exactly, as per your on-call instructions as detailed in our database. Our Pinnacle server systems automatically identifies which instructions to follow, whether it changes depending on time of day, specific service you provide, or who might be on call for a specific need or situation.
  3. We Deliver your message quickly, efficiently your choice of communication method- E-mail, text message, fax, pager, voice mail, relay to cell phone, or patch the call directly to you. Use different methods for different situations.

Answering Services, Call Center, Inbound Telemarketing & Virtual Receptionist Services offered for your San Jose company

  • Virtual Receptionists- Some people equate the word “Virtual” with existing strictly on a computer network with no “live” intervention. Our very “live” Virtual Receptionists may not exist in your San Jose office, but they exist in ours. And they are available 24 / 7 to give you the peace of mind knowing that they are ready and able to answer your phone, take a message from your caller, give out or gather information and contact you immediately. For more information, visit our San Jose Virtual Receptionist section.
  • Medical Services- Direct Line answers for a myriad of San Jose Medical Services companies, from small professional operations to Fortune 500 companies. We provide answering urgent dispatch for an almost endless list of San Jose operations: Home Nursing Services, Medical Supply Companies, Dental Offices, Therapy Offices, Funeral Homes, etc. For more information, visit our San Jose Medical Answering services section.
  • Doctor Answering services- Direct Line has created answering service procedures and systems to maximize our level of service for the San Jose medical and Physician industry. For more information, go to San Jose Doctor Answering Service section.
  • Legal Answering Services- you're in court, the phone rings and you can't answer it, so it goes to voice mail. That potential new client moves on the next lawyer found on the web or yellow pages. Don't loose anymore clients! Get a live answering services today. Process incoming information accurately, quickly, exactly, as per your on-call instructions as detailed in our database. Call Direct Line today for a free trial. 1-888-365-2424 or learn more about our services here: San Jose Attorney Answering Service
  • Urgent Dispatch- Includes message taking, screening calls to determine how to process and dispatching urgent calls when indicated by your instructions. Answering service could also include Direct Line acting as your off premises receptionist.
  • Services Industries- Another major business classification that Direct Line has served with great accuracy, timeliness and professionalism are Service Companies. Including Pest Control, Electricians, Heating & Air, Locksmiths, Plumbers, Roofers, General Contractors and many more. When quick, immediate response may be the difference between landing a big job or just missing out, Direct Line can provide that direct link to your client- all calls answered within 3 rings! More about these services here: Industries Answering Services
  • IT Support- Direct Line serves a wide variety of IT companies from all over the country and even overseas. We are available 24/7/365 and can handle a large call volume or a minimum amount of calls “just in case”...Our sophisticated scripting, branching system allows us to handle your instruction needs-from the simple to a complex matrix of reach instructions.
  • Government Agency Specific- Direct Line provides answering and urgent dispatch services for a variety of government agencies. These agencies range from providing after hour / holiday, 24/7/365 urgent service to the City of Berkeley Public Works Department to the Alameda County Water Department to the Napa County Sheriff’s Department and Napa Sanitation Department. More about Government Agency Answering Services
  • Disaster Preparedness- Earthquake, floods, storms and other disasters are an unfortunate fact of San Jose life. To ignore this fact is naive. So Direct Line has built and tested a 2 phase contingency plans. Phase one is an internal procedure where we use our own backup systems, including generators and other grid free resources. Phase 2 is offloading calls to partners in different parts of the country out side of the San Jose Bay Area. This insures that should we have a California state-wide disaster, your services keep working.

Other phone & Web services:

  • Inbound Telemarketing- Direct Line has the Integrated Telephony- Computer systems, trained personnel and most importantly the experience and dedication to deliver outstanding inbound
    telemarketing service. San Jose Inbound Telemarketing
  • Enhanced Voicemail- Your voice mailbox will have its own local telephone number. Now you can receive all of your messages in one place. You can call forward your office lines, residence or cell phone to this private number, or have your callers dial directly to leave you a detailed, confidential message.
  • Order Taking- Fully Web Enabled - Your Web Site or our software program. The choice is yours.
  • Online Contact Support- Fully Web Enabled - Your Web Site or our software program. The choice is yours.
  • Website Communication Support- Fully Web Enabled - Your Web Site or our software program. The choice is yours.

If your San Jose call answering service or communication support need is not listed here, please give us a call and talk to us about your needs. 1-888-365-2424
We probably have the resources to fulfill your unique needs.

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